Skinja Origin Story

Tell me if this story sounds familiar:

You waited months, even years to get a new phone. And the day you got it, nothing ever looked sooo good.

Fast forward a month and you wake up to the sad realization your phone has become boring and full of scratches. Why is it so boring? Let's face it, everyone else has the same phone.

And that's a problem, Bro.

So we asked the Universe, "Universe, is there a solution?"
And the Universe answered, "SKINJA!"

Wait, what's Skinja?

Skinja [SKIN-JUH]: A revolutionary method of wrapping devices to make them one of a kind and On Point. Each Skinja is made out of an exclusive tough film to add individual style and protection. It's not a Case, it's a Skinja

8 years in the making, the Dawn of Skinja has Arrived.

Today is the day the Universe invites you to join our Dojo